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Wireless Networks Installations & Security Specialists



When installing a wireless network, security is a key issue for public sector, commercial and business premises.


Where your network is accessed by customers, guests, or staff as in the case of hotels, restaurants and schools, good planning and strict security measures are essential.


Without adequate care you can unwittingly introducing vulnerability into your  network and leave your business exposed to fraud and illegal downloads.


If you are considering a wireless network in these types of premises, then you really need professional help and guidance ensure your network is secure.


Already have a wireless network


If you already operate a wireless network but are concerned about adequate coverage or security, we offer a complete Wireless Audit and Report which will identify any security issues, interference or dead spots in your network.


Within the report we provide a complete assessment of your wireless network infrastructure, and advise you on how to improve your reliability, and security.


If you require a wireless network or have concerns about your existing set-up, give us a call to discuss how we can help your business.



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